By downloading or using the application, you will automatically accept these terms. Be sure to read them carefully before using the application. We offer this application for your personal use, but you must know that you are not authorized to send it to another person or to copy or modify the application, as well as any part of it. You should not try to extract the source code of the application, translate the application to other languages ​​or create derivative versions. The application and all trademarks, copyrights, rights to databases and other related intellectual property rights will remain the property of the developer.

The developer aims to ensure that the application is always as useful and efficient as possible. For this reason, we reserve the right to make changes to the application or to apply charges for the services offered, at any time and for any reason. In no case will charges be applied to the application or its services without clearly notifying the reason why you must make the payment.

The application stores only your name and phone number, and the two telephone numbers of the contact persons, to whom an alert message will be sent only if the app detects that you have had an accident. This data is only sent to the Accelerator server to compose an SMS message and another of WhatsApp and is deleted once the messages are sent, not being stored anywhere.

It is your responsibility to keep both your mobile phone and access to your application safe. Therefore, we recommend not releasing your mobile phone to eliminate the restrictions and limitations imposed by the official operating system of your device. This process could make your phone vulnerable to malicious programs, compromise the security features of your mobile phone, as well as not being able to open the Accelerator application or that it does not work properly.

The Internet connection can be through Wi-Fi or through the mobile network service provider, but Accelerator will not be responsible for the malfunction of the application if it does not have Wi-Fi connection or has exceeded its limit of use of data.

Remember that if you use the application outside of a Wi-Fi hotspot, the terms of the agreement with your mobile network service provider will apply. Therefore, the mobile service provider may apply charges for the data consumed during the connection when accessing the application, as well as other charges from third parties. If you use the application, you accept responsibility for such charges, including charges for roaming data if you use the application outside the territory of origin (your region or country) without deactivating data roaming. In case you are not the person in charge of paying the receipts of the device in which you use the application, we will assume that you have received your permission to use the application.

It is possible that at some point we should update the application. At this time, the application is available for iOS. There is the possibility that the necessary requirements for both systems (and for any other additional system for which the application is offered in the future) are modified, so you should download the updates if you wish to continue using the application. Accelerator does not guarantee that it will always offer the updates that you need or that are compatible with the iOS / Android version installed on your device. However, you guarantee that you will accept all updates to the application when they are offered. It is also possible that the application is no longer offered and its use is interrupted at any time without prior notice. Unless otherwise indicated, upon termination: (a) the rights and licenses granted by these terms will cease; (b) You must suspend the use of the application and, if necessary, delete it from your device.